Friday, 3 July 2009


We have completed a project based on the work of ‘Jeannie Baker’, in particular based on her book ‘Window’ (see photo). Children looked at the photos we had taken of the changing views through the kitchen window of our old school, as our new school was being built. We then created collages in response to this (see photos).
We would now like to work on a project called: ‘The Views through our windows’. This would involve both schools taking photos of current views through our classroom windows, windows around the school and windows in our homes/local buildings.
These pictures would then be posted on this blog so the children can compare the views and describe what they can see.
In response to them children could then create collages in the style of Jeannie Baker or an artist/style from their own or partner country, posting them on this blog.

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  1. We will study the Heidelberg Project with our students and reflect on this exceptional work of outdoor environmental art set in the dilapidated area of Detroit's (Michigan)lower east side.
    The view will be extraordinary!